Silly Sentences ABC

Expert Author RJ McGill
Silly Sentences is in a single word...Amazing! The alphabet is presented in a lyrical style, with individual letters featured in the accompanying dialogue.
For example: The letter 'B' - is demonstrated with the following text "big bugs bathe bears." Each illustration represents the text perfectly and are chock-full of small details that readers and listeners will linger over. A variety of shapes, sizes and colors are combined to create this eye-catching and humorous stroll through the alphabet. For any child, the importance of a solid educational foundation is paramount in their development. Silly Sentences ABC is a book based around the alphabet and especially designed in an interesting and entertaining way to encourage learning. Who better than a child to understand what interests and intrigues children? This book was created, written and fully illustrated by child prodigy, Sunshine, at the tender age of twelve. With her depth, creativity and ability to bring her imagination to life on paper, we are sure to hear great things from her in the future!
The number one complaint from parents concerning children's books aimed at teaching has always been..."the books are boring". Being created by a young person, Silly Sentences ABC does not fall into that trap. The dialogue and illustrations are filled with hilarious characterizations that will illicit lots of smiles and giggles. Children just learning the alphabet will enjoy this highly imaginative stroll through the ABC's. Allowing young children to see that reading and learning can be fun!
If you are looking for a helpful book, that's a lot of fun or something to spark the imagination of your little one, Silly Sentences ABC cannot be beat, it's a true visual and verbal treat!
Happy Reading!


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