Stupidity Has a Family History

Expert Author Norma Holt
My many years of observations prove that stupidity is the product of non-intelligent parents rearing offspring to be of the same ilk. They come from any part of the community because it's not the value of their assets or the opportunities one receives in life but the input that parents apply to their young. This has woken many up to the fact that babies are far more capable of receiving information than was previously thought.
Most people cannot recall things prior to toddler age and most not before the ages of 3 or 4 years. This usually associates to first days at school or to some major event that happens around that time.
In my case, however, my memory starts from prior to birth and, in fact, to my previous life. Born with a different language to my parents who were unable to cancel it out the warning was to wait before telling anyone. In the majority of cases children are not believed when stating such an experience.
My new parents were of the general type and had mixed beliefs about religious and other matters. They did not influence me, however, because of my strong link to the Spirit of the Universe.
From the first my interest was to establish why people believe what they do and why they take on board what leaders and others tell them. The lessons learned is that during the first months of life a child is programmed by what the parents believe and follow.
Living in a society comes with obligations and the so-called 'smart' kids are usually picked on and ostracised. That means dumbing down is part of the upbringing of most children.
Cleverness is not sought after and living in the mundane world of work and responsibilities becomes an inherited thing and something most are proud of. Jobs take over and no matter how hard or tedious work may be it provides food and shelter for the family, and that takes care of the responsibility one has to the next generation.
Education is about opening the channels of the brain so that knowledge flows in. In most cases this is never an option as many believe that children learn automatically as they grow. What they learn, nonetheless, depends on what they hear, see, feel, and associate with. It's up to parents to make them clever. Dumbing down has its consequences in what is happening in many countries including the USA.


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